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Consulting Services

The needs of small businesses are constantly changing. As you strive to grow your business, the complications seem to multiply. Too often change is not properly planned and managed. This leaves the business owner wondering if the if growing the business was worth the headaches.

Linda's Accounting Service can offer several planning services. What about incorporating? Do I need to hire more staff? Should I purchase more equipment? How can I cut costs and increase profits? What are my goals? These are questions we can help you with.

We can assist most small businesses choose the proper business form (corporation, S-corporation, limited liability company) and then assist in filing the proper forms with the state of Colorado and the IRS. We will discuss the benefits and limitations of each alternative to you so you can make an informed decision.

Another service we provided is our extensive budget planning service. We go beyond simple cash flow projections for the coming year. We will help you project 5-10 years into the future by determining your future capital needs (equipment, furniture, etc.), financing needs, costs of borrowing, and labor costs.

If needed, we can help you put together a business plan useful in obtaining financing.

Our newest service is Operational Process Review. Drawing Linda's experience as a systems analyst and an accountant, we can analyze your business processes and recommend more efficient methods of performing your core business functions. Efficient businesses generally cost less to operate meaning more profit to the owner and better service to the customer.

Let’s discuss your business needs by setting up a no-cost consultation today!